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The concept behind Fuss Free A/V – a service provided by Gilead Limor - Sound & Vision – is that we integrate our A/V services as a bolt on to the events management element of your business, so that we essentially become a part of your events management team. This frees you up from the fuss of having to deal with the ongoing audiovisual technicalities of your events, both in the planning and operational stages, yet it will leave you with peace of mind in knowing that it will be taken care of according to your specification down to the smallest detail.


Every one of your events will enjoy superior quality audiovisual services, tailored for each occasion. No more failed projectors or howling microphones, no more hunting for the venue technician, no more relying on badly designed installation PA systems. We bring what you need and we stay with you throughout your event to make sure the A/V runs seamlessly from start to finish.


If your business involves road shows or events across the country, rest assured – we travel with you to all ends of mainland UK, enabling you to take the A/V service and team you are familiar with to wherever it is required.


The best part is that we work with a simplified pricing structure so that you can calculate a ballpark A/V estimate without the need for hours spent on sourcing. Our prices are very competitive in the A/V market, you’ll get a lot more for your money, and you are guaranteed the best service every time.


Furthermore, since our service model is based on continuity, the more frequently you use our services, the more cost-effective they will become. We will provide you with discounts for multiple bookings and road shows, and offer you incentives for your ongoing custom. You can rest assured that even at discounted rates, the one thing we will never compromise on is the quality of our service.

With Fuss Free A/V, we have pooled all our resources for your benefit, and assembled a team of outstanding engineers who work with us as required. We take on board your feedback, and use that to improve our services. We check, maintain and update our audiovisual inventory on a regular basis. All portable electrical appliances are PAT tested semi-annually and are visually examined before each event. If your event has special requirements that differ from our standard setup, we build the entire setup offsite in advance to make sure the configuration is fully functional, before building it on location, and we always bring spares with us just in case.

The Fuss Free A/V strategy puts your requirements first, and aims to provide you with a comprehensive audiovisual solution - fuss free.

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The Fuss Free A/V Concept: we integrate our A/V services
        as a bolt on to your business
Fuss Free A/V is a service provided by Gilead Limor - Sound & Vision.
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