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Fuss Free Audio Visual Services

Fuss Free A/V is a concept that has grown out of many years of audiovisual service provision, built on very high standards and aimed to provide a one-stop solution for our clients. While the Fuss Free A/V name is new, we have been providing our bolt-on services to a variety of corporate and public sector clients in the UK since 2003. Our extensive work with health related organisations, Learning Disability advocacy groups and other Department of Health funded groups, has given us an edge in audiovisual requirements for people with disabilities and special needs.

Fuss Free A/V is spearheaded by Gil Limor, an audiovisual specialist with over three decades of experience under his belt. Gil brings with him a vast pool of knowledge and experience in entertainment and event A/V, as well as a strong working background in audio production, videography, visual arts and stage production. Beginning his career as a music producer in 1980, Gil quickly branched out into sound engineering, recording studio management and music technology. Gil was one of the earliest producers to work with dedicated music computers to create backing tracks for singers using MIDI technology before the studio sessions rather than at the sessions themselves.

music production client list includes names such as Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Sir George Martin, Wigmore Hall Community and Education, The Musicians Benevolent Fund, music societies, recital halls and other prestigious names. Gil is a director of the Association for Professional Recording Services (APRS), and is a Trustee and Executive Officer of the National Music Council of The United Kingdom

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